Ronaldo has opened a new Nike boots mercury vapor Superfly II

Using the new Nike Shox OZ you will be able to go through the ultimate in design for durable, reliable and comfy performance. Running, walking or training on virtually any surface is possible with the technology that has been incorporated into its design. A range of features have revolutionized footwear nuove scarpe da calcio in comparison to the previous design of shoes for exercise and training.

Previous trainers specified for to supply comfort as well as quality so that you can handle rigorous training and use activities. The problem many have come across with older styles of shoe is that it couldn't handle an array of terrain resulting in an eventual wearing away from the sole. This gives less grip and often, the entire underside eventually peels removed from the shoe.

The Nike Shox OZ can be worn for participating in a wide range of activities while providing protection with the incorporation from the latest technological features in footwear. For individuals who experience considerable pain during exercise, the interior cushioning, perforation and mesh has the capacity to provide enhanced support for additional comfort. The latest technology has been integrated into modern footwear for comfort, durability and elegance.

London, England, February 24: Ronaldo has opened a new Nike boots nike mercurial superfly mercury vapor Superfly II, the rest of his life he will wear the domestic season, playing on the planet Cup, however the voice of power stations station Lundun Ba Te before February 24, 2010, in London. Proposed an adaptive system features traction boots on the pitch speed in most conditions.

MercurialSuperfly Vapor II along with use a new generation of Flywire technology, provides better lightweight, also were using carbon composites, the only to help players foot more close to the ground, and keep the best traction. Nike's official website

Through Nike + technology platform, Mercurial Football SuperFly Vapor II also give consumers an unparalleled opportunity to comprehend the world's top players, group, and coach of practice, each pair of shoes inside, there is a exclusive user use code.