The listing below will attempt to provide a handful of options for each one of the three versions

There are numerous edit file for PES 2011 choices nike magista pas cher available over the internet, with varying examples of quality & quantity within their releases. This article looks to supply a reference for that PES 2011 option files whilst telling you what they add to the game when installed.
A long held tradition in PES communities may be the development and use of an edit or option file. These fan created 'mods" help to bring a realism towards the game that is often found without the PES series because of the strictures of team licenses etcetera. Unlike FIFA, PES 2011 lacks certain leagues & teams, that could greatly expand the knowledge. This is when the edit file for PES 2011 is necessary, adding such things as boots, faces, hairstyles, kits, emblems, stadiums & real-life leagues to the overall experience.

This article will delve into where you can find an edit apply for PES 2011 in addition to explaining what a few of the main PES 2011 option file releases add to the newest annual soccer series title. Before we list the places to get in order to download these edit file for PES 2011 choices, an explanation on the distinction between region specific versions of the game needs to be made, as some confusion arose after the games initial release earlier this year.

You will find three separate versions of PES 2011 that can be bought, each with their own supposed region, although one of these is confusingly present in both the UK & Europe. The crampon mercurial versions are named BLES-2X, with the X being replaced with a 0, 1 or 2 determined by region. The BLES-20 disc is found in the UK market while BLES-22 is America/Australia based. A problem arises due to the BLES-21 version for sale in both Europe & the UK, creating frustration for editors and game players alike, as versions are not cross-compatible.

Because of this, there are three potentially different PES 2011 option file variants that are obtainable, together with your specific version working with what version the editors themselves been nike magista pas cher employed by on. The listing below will attempt to provide a handful of options for each one of the three versions, although right now, there is a insufficient a BLES-22 edit file for PES 2011 choices due to the delayed release in those territories. Anyways, below is the listing of PES 2011 option files currently released in some form or any other;