PUMA shoes' material may have color test

Tip 1'the most useful way to identify What makes mercurial pas cher PUMA shoes distinctive is that there's a security mark on every shoes. These s are issued in the hq the german language according to their order forms. And each differs from other, the only. There are four colors around the security mark, black, red, blue, and green, and different combination ways of the four colors stand for different countries or regions. Around the mark, you will find watermark and silvery lines. And there's a square code around the back from it. If the shoes you have bought has this code, they're quality products. Otherwise, they're fake products . By doing this can also accustomed to identify PUMA clothes, which also have four-color security mark.

Tip 2 For most of us, their problem is brand logo. PUMA has two logos, the first that everyone is familiar with may be the leopard, that is usually embroidered. When it comes to the quality product, the top of leopard is very smooth, and is very robust having a lively running posture. While when it comes to fake shoes, the leopard is sort of a normal dog, neither too thin nor too fat, neither too hairy nor too embroidery, and often it is a bit like a hedgehog.

Second is trim called ham. The ham is split into three copies. It's very strict with its division. It should be very uniform, very smooth and symmetrical, which the fake products can't reach. Otherwise, it is generally B products hypervenom pas cher.
Tip 3 The raw materials that PUMA footwear is made of is just checked. No materials of poor is going to be used, there will not exist these problems, such as material damage, color fading. Generally, PUMA make use of the PU leather, which makes the edge from the shoes smooth and the foam will not fall.

Tip 4 PUMA shoes are underneath the strict control of outside gum. Each set of shoes' pull is going to be tested. PUMA shoes' pull are 6KG/CM, while NIKE's pull only 3KG/CM, so PUMA's shoes are generally durable, with no glue line pollution on the surface from the shoes. Fake can't do this.

Tip 5 PUMA shoes' material may have color test. Usually, the surface of the quality PUMA shoes won't turn yellow. If you find it turns yellow, the shoes are likely to be fake shoes.

Tip 6 Generally, the sole of quality sports footwear or casual shoes consists of rubber. If pressed by finger, it will immediately change back. Whether it can't, that is fake. In addition, the sole is especially designed: the black sole won't turn white. If you rub it repeatedly, it might be more and more white, this sort of footwear is fake.

In order to avoid buying fake PUMA shoes hypervenom pas cher, the thing you need is to remember these ways mentioned above. In the ways mentioned above, we can easily indentify if a set of PUMA shoes is quality product.