Using the Makita HR2455 rotary hammer sporting a significantly larger trigger

You'll discover the Makita HR2455 has two handy settings - hammer and drill together and just hammer. Frequently changing mode can be a time wasting process however, on this scarpe mercurial tool this is most surely incorrect. This rotary hammer has a strategically located switch which rotates allowing you to make your selection of mode quickly and easily. The hammer and drill when used simultaneously is brilliant for boring into hard concrete and masonry whilst the hammer only mode is just the job for demolition work - you can purchase special bits for this type of work. It does boast a third drill only mode which, even though it would work to be used to drill wood or metal, on the monster of the tool such as this it'll most likely be seldom used.

If have to change bits the Makita HR2455 rotary hammer again keeps things quite simple. This tool has a slide lock mechanism that is fairly simple to use.You only need to insert the part - which has been created for this type of mechanism - and twist to lock the part firmly in place. To release a little pull the lock cuff down. Another huge advantage is that you can be assured that the bit will not become slack when put under immeasureable pressure.

The Makita HR2455 rotary hammer weighs in at about 6lbs, with this particular weight evenly distributed throughout the tool it adds to the stability of the hammer when drilling durable materials for example concrete and masonry, making it the lightest but many powerful rotary hammer in its class. Additionally, it sports dual handles which gives excellent control over the hammer much more use.

One of the things from the Makita HR2455 rotary hammer that is visible is its oversized trigger. From necessity safety and protection are very important in almost any construction magista obra or demolition project and therefore the use of thick protective gloves is required. Using the Makita HR2455 rotary hammer sporting a significantly larger trigger it can be successfully controlled and gripped even with the thickest of protective hand wear.

Due to its variable speeds the Makita HR2455 is the best drilling solution for installers, masons, electricians, plumbers as well as anchor setters and sign hangers.

For any professional who frequently drills materials such as concrete, steel, or maybe even wood the Makita HR2455 rotary hammer is an absolute essential in the tool kit. D-I-Y junkies however, should think hard before buying this serious device.