everyone is used to seeing Bollywood stars walk the ramp for designers

People can be seen running derived from one of area to another. Others were moving because of their cameras hoping to get a handful of comments from those that had gathered there - the celebrities. Its keep was laughter, relaxed smiling faces and also a general atmosphere of fun mercurial superfly pas cher. This became the Van Heusen Men's Fashion Week. Though men and fashion don't come together in India, the method of dressing in style swept up. Men needed to look their best. So, the birth of your metrosexual man developed. Being fashion conscious was not more an issue that women did. Designers were built with a windfall. Purple, red, orange, magenta were a number of the colours that designers began to try for men's clothing. Jackets with embroidery, floral print jackets, purses, yellow shoes, red shoes, whatever as well as the designers created. Another world for men's fashion popped.

It was therefore, hardly surprising that Abhishek Gupta and Nandita Basu who have been showcasing their spring-summer collection 2010, the designs were bold. With T's in oranges and browns, the content was clear - let's rebel. The floral jackets seemed to be a touch too bold moving with the designers. Despite Indian men keeping pace together with the fashion, it may well take the opportunity to get a macho man to be caught wearing one.

In contrast to Abhishek Gupta and Nandita Basu were Manoviraj Khosla's designs. Since he primarily works with men's clothes, his designs were more formal. Nehru jackets, formal suits, T-shirts, waist coats formed a major portion of his collection. The jackets using straight cuts were both chic and stylish. Khosla also used variants of green, lilac, orange and blue, adding colour to your otherwise blacks and grays. What makes Khosla's designs special is simply because tend to be wearable. Wear them and wow women at a party magista pas cher.

The showstopper for his collection was Anil Kumble. He sure can wow those around him - whether on the field or off of the field. Wearing a black formal suit, Kumble walked the ramp being a pro. Walking around the ramp amidst clapping, Kumble exuded elegance plus a carefree, spirited self-confidence of fashion and manner. Though everyone is used to seeing Bollywood stars walk the ramp for designers, Dino Morea's appearance sure created that which was intended. Wearing a black or white formal suit, Morea took everyone with surprise. Many of the other designers who had showcased the work they do earlier (on first day) were Rajvi Mohan, Himmat Singh and Aslam Khan.